Natural Hair Journey

Decision to go natural….

Let me keep it 100% funky, I thought I was going to be #TeamCreamyCrack til the day I die! Seriously–when the time came, I planned to put in a request have the funeral director in advance lay my edges before they put me on display. However, things completely changed when I moved from Austin,TX to Madison, WI and had an incredibly difficult time finding a hair stylist that I felt could do my hair to my liking.

After my last and final horrible experience with allowing someone to put a relaxer my hair–I quickly vowed that I would not ever, ever, ever get one again. My hair was completely fried and thinning in spots, and it was a direct result of the relaxer I had.

Hair [Time]Line


Hot Comb. Cleopatra Braids. Blue Magic Grease.


Hello Perm

Just for Me was my drug of choice. It smelled good.

September-October 2013

I love braids, braids, braids–braids I do ADORE! I rocked braids for 3 months and gave my hair a much needed rest from flatironing and manipulation. Upon taking them out, my hair was thick and had noticably grown at least 1 1/2 inches.

November 2013

I made an appointment at a local hair salon with less than subpar service with the anticipation participating as the Maid of Honor in my best friends wedding in Austin, TX a few days later. A Mizani relaxer was applied to my hair and as luck would have it, it did not “take”. My hair was limp, fried, and overprocessed. Still being charged for the subpar service and experience I had–that day I vowed to never get a relaxer again. And so the transition begins.

January/February 2014

Start to see noctiable shedding. Reducing my flatironing to 2-3 a week versus every day.

March 2014

Excessive shedding

April 2014

Coming back from a conference, my hair is thin at the ends and fried to the max. I came home and washed my hair and realzied that I all of my hair had broken off in the back. I had a Tboz haircut on accident. I went to a friends house. Panicked. And called for backup. A soror graciously came over a braided my hair so I could do a braid=out style while I decided what my next step was goong to be.

Big Chop- Part 1

May -July 2014

Again, I love braids, braids, braids….Braids I do ADORE. I was emotionally tramaztied–braids qwere comforting to me.

July 2014- Big Chop Part 2





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